[Tutorial] [SA:MP] Playing SA-MP and making your OWN server ! ~ STUNT/RPG etc. (2024)

Tutorial on how to play and create your own server in SAMP

screenshots coming soon.

IntroSan andreas Multi Player shortened samp is san andreas online, so you could play with other people and chill out.
Chat: the chat is at the left and its pretty big.
Controls: like the normal SA
Servers: there are plenty server and it has it own style.
-RPG's (like in RL no kill etc. and you can buy bussines,houses,cars)
-Stunt server: own made ramps some servers are 1337.
-DM/TDM: these servers are for killing,killing and more killing!
-Freeroam: do what you want you got everything Stunt/DM

and there are more,but these are the important ones

Playing samp
ok if you want to play samp you need the following things:
-San Andreas game
-a computer
-you must be pro etc.

ok first of all you already have installed san andreas
after that get:

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[Updated to 0.3c

Updates for players

- Important client security updates
- Updates and fixes to the SA-MP server browser, including host name lookups for your favorites and samp:// URL handling
- Improved player and animation syncing
- Chat logging and time-stamping
- Files, including screenshots, now save to the GTA San Andreas User Files folder
- No restrictions on screen resolution size
- Several crash fixes and more

Updates for servers

- New vehicle velocity and rotation functions
- Ability to track all player animations
- Players can be scripted to hold objects
- A threaded HTTP client for pawn (beta)
- New object limit of 400 and the ability to change object draw distance
- Many bug fixes and more

thats the client to play samp.

ok now install that.
after that double click samp and it should open a screen

ok now you have installed samp and want to play it ;o
there are 3 tabs on the bottom click internet if you want to play internet servers or official for official samp servers.and then connect , and then you are done and you can play.

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Making own server.
Ok after a while youget bored ( or not ) on some servers. And then you might decide to make your own.
ah ok here is a guide to make a server

-Serverfiles ( can be downloaded) i will use The godfather because its a popular rpg server.

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-SAMP ( you already have it , right ? )
-Samp server files :

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-Brains < This is a must have.

ok this is just a default setup i could make it a PRO server. but then its too complicated for some people.

Step 1
Download samp server files and extract it wherever you want. ( just use san andreas map )
i will explain some things
-Gamemode: some game modes are putted here ( mostly default gm's)
- Filterscripts: some scripts
-server.cfg : your server config.
-pawno : Compiler for your script.

ok now download serverfiles and put it in the samp server files folder
put gf.pwn in gamemodes
' place in pawno includes folder' put the files in this map into pawno

server.cfg :
open up with notepad

  • echo - This is what the server.exe echo's when executing server.cfg, there is no need to change this at all as you'll be the only one who sees the rcon. By default this says Executing Server Config...
  • lanmode - Turning lanmode on will result in the server using more bandwidth, this mode makes the server a lot more accurate though. You can turn lanmode on by changing the value to 1 and you can turn it off by changing the value to 0. By default this is set to 0
  • maxplayers - This is the maximum amount of players your server can hold, by changing the number you can raise how many players enter the server. The maximum is 100 and the minimum is 0. By default this is set to 32.
  • announce - Toggle server to be announced to SA-MP masterserver list. Set value to 1 for enable announcing or to 0 for disable.
  • anticheat - Disble or enable the anticheat on the server. Set value to 1 for enable the anticheat or to 0 for disable.
  • bind - The local IP address the server will listen for connections on. If your server has more than one IP address, this command is useful if you want to run multiple SA:MP servers and have individual addresses for each one. By default, the server listens on ALL available addresses.
  • port - The port in which the server will use to communicate can be specified here, you will need to forward your ports in order to run the server. By default this is set to 7777.
  • hostname - This is the name that will display in the server browser for other users to see. By default this is set to Unnamed Server.
  • gamemode[Tutorial] [SA:MP] Playing SA-MP and making your OWN server ! ~ STUNT/RPG etc. (1) (N) (t) - It's possible to set the gamemode that plays, how many times it plays and when it plays by editing the values here. To use this correctly you must understand how it works, [Tutorial] [SA:MP] Playing SA-MP and making your OWN server ! ~ STUNT/RPG etc. (2) is the gamemode number, (N) is the gamemode name*, and (t) is the times played before switching onto the next mode. By default this area will look like this:
    • gamemode0 lvdm 1
    • gamemode1 rivershell 1
    • gamemode2 area51 1
    • gamemode4 sftdm 1
  • weburl - This is the website people can visit to gain more information about the server, a web url is not needed. By default this is set to

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  • rcon_password - This is the password used to administrate the server and use the rcon, you must make sure you change this to something hard to crack so that others cannot take control of your server. By default this is set to changeme.
  • filterscripts (N) - filterscripts are scripts that run in the background of your gamemode, they are there to add extras to the server without editing the gamemode. It's very useful if you want to carry a specific property to more than one gamemode. To use this you must create a new folder in your server folder named filterscripts and place your filterscripts in there. (N) symbolizes the filterscript name*. By default this option is not here. If you have multiple filterscripts you want to load, put them all in a row separated by "space", e.g. filterscripts script1 script2
  • plugins (N) - The plugins directive allows you to specify plugins wich are designed to enhance gamemodes and filterscripts. (N) symbolizes the plugins name. If you have multiple plugins you want to load, put them all in a row separated by "space", e.g. plugins script1 script2.
    • You may find more information about the SDK for plugin development in the forum's main topicpassword (p) - Locking your server is another option that is available for the root server administrator, you can use this to lock unwanted visitors from the server. (p) symbolizes the password that will be used. By default your server will not have a lock.
  • mapname - Usual this is "San Andreas", but you can change it to anything you want. To change the mapname of the server, add the following line at the end of the server.cfg: mapname [name]

Replace [name] to anything you want, e.g. My-stunt-map
*The gamemode/filterscript name is the gamemodes/filterscripts compiled name in your gamemodes/filterscripts folder, all must match exactly except you must leave the .amx extension off

edit gf and compile and then put it in gamemodes.
then double click samp-server.exe
you're server is now online

ok now portforward.com portforward : 7777

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and then put your ip or this :
and there youre server!

gf map : [IMG]https://forum.ragezone.com/ima.../www.mathpudding.com/topsecretsamp/editor.rar map editor for putting items in your map pretty usefull​

[Tutorial] [SA:MP] Playing SA-MP and making your OWN server ! ~ STUNT/RPG etc. (2024)


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