Mishimoto 5X114.3 15MM Wheel Spacers - Black (2024)

Wheel spacers are a great way to create brake clearance, add track width, prevent tire rub, and provide ideal wheel fitment on your vehicle. Mishimoto now offers a complete catalog of wheel spacers for a variety of common thread patterns, center bores, and thicknesses. Quality material selection, precise engineering, and meticulous manufacturing are critical elements to creating our incredibly robust products, and our wheel spacers are no different. Each spacer is forged from 6061-T6 aluminum. This material offers a perfect blend of strength and lightness, both are extremely vital in this application. Our spacers feature grade-12.9 steel studs and lug nuts, ensuring a safe and secure installation. Mishimoto*s hub-centric design provides a direct extension of the axle hub for precise wheel fitment, reduced load on the hardware, and ensures safe and smooth driving.Mishimoto wheel spacers feature a black anodized finish to ensure protection against corrosion. Each kit contains two wheel spacers with pre-installed studs and all hardware necessary for installation. As with all our products, this wheel spacer kit includes our signature Lifetime Warranty.Wheel Spacers, 5X114.3, 64.1mm Center Bore, M12 X 1.5, 0.60-in Thick, BlackFitment:Acura CL Base 2003Acura CL Type-S 2003Acura ILX Base 2013Acura ILX Base 2014Acura ILX Base 2015Acura ILX Hybrid 2013Acura ILX Hybrid 2014Acura NSX Alex Zanardi Edition 1999Acura NSX Base 1991Acura NSX Base 1992Acura NSX Base 1993Acura NSX Base 1994Acura NSX Base 1995Acura NSX Base 1996Acura NSX Base 1997Acura NSX Base 1998Acura NSX Base 1999Acura NSX Base 2000Acura NSX Base 2001Acura NSX Base 2004Acura NSX Base 2005Acura NSX T 1995Acura NSX T 1996Acura NSX T 1997Acura NSX T 1998Acura NSX T 1999Acura NSX T 2000Acura NSX T 2001Acura NSX T 2002Acura NSX T 2003Acura RDX Base 2007Acura RDX Base 2008Acura RDX Base 2009Acura RDX Base 2010Acura RDX Base 2011Acura RDX Base 2012Acura RDX Base 2013Acura RDX Base 2014Acura RDX Base 2015Acura RDX Base 2016Acura RDX Base 2017Acura RDX SH-AWD 2010Acura RDX SH-AWD 2011Acura RDX 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HOW TO RETURN AN ORDERTo return an order, please contact usHERE, with detailed information regarding the return and pictures showing the items current condition including the packaging. We can only accept items that are in new condition and have never been installed, with original packaging. We cannot accept any used, previously installed, or damaged items. If an item is sent back to us used, previously installed and/or damaged, it is now the property of DragRacingWheels.com and no refund will be issued. Pictures are required before an RMA will be issued. All returns must include the provided Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form or RGA number, to help expedite the return process. We will then provide the Return Shipping Address for the return. All returns are subject to a 20% Restocking Fee of the original purchase price. Some orders cannot be return – see the list of non-returnable orders below.


The buyer has 30 days from original purchase to initiate a return RMA and forward tracking information to us. No refund will be given for products that arrive after the 30 days from the original purchase date. Tracking information is required for all returns.When shipping an item back to us, we recommend that you use UPS, FedEx or any other carrier that offers signature confirmation and insurance, as we are not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Only the signature of anDragRacingWheels.com employee will suffice as proof of delivery. The customer agrees to bear all shipping and insurance charges, and all risk of loss during return shipment. If an order is refused “Returned to Sender”, no refund will be issued. Buyer is responsible for all return shipping charges.

We will not accept a return of an item that is damaged or defective if it has been used/installed, please inspect all orders as soon as you receive them and contact usHEREwithin 72 hours. If the order is damaged during shipment, DragRacingWheels.com will replace the item free of charge.

When you purchase items that qualify for a promotional offer such as Buy "X" number of items, Get "X" number of items free, the discount reflecting the price of the lowest-priced item is proportionally applied to each eligible item. If any item is returned, the refund will be equal to the original price of the item reduced by the proportional discounted amount.


Returns will not be allowed for the following items:

·DragRacingWheels.com gift cards.

· Final sale, closeout or discontinued products.

· Any products sold as "Open Box".

· Wheels that have already been mounted to tires. This includes tire and wheel packages from DragRacingWheels.com.

·All special orders, custom, and/or built to order wheels. This includes but not limited to, Billet Specialties, CCW, Forgestar, MRR, Race Star Industries andWeld Racing,Please contact us prior with any questions.

· All Race Star Industries Pro Forged Wheels. Confirm fitment with manufacturer before ordering.

·Non-defective used or installed items.

·Chips and Handheld Tuners

·All orders that required freight delivery.

·International orders that shipped outside of the United States.


We try our best to prevent damage to all packages during transit by packing each order carefully. From time to time, though, damage will occur despite our precautions.If you receive an item that has been damaged in shipping, please call us within 72 hours of receipt and we will set up a claim for the product. Once this claim has been processed by the courier, we will reach out to you to return the product and send out a replacement.If the order is damaged during shipment, DragRacingWheels.com will replace the item free of charge.

We may request pictures to further assist with the completion of the claim.

The courier will reach out to you after the claim has been filed over the phone; please provide a reliable contact number when setting up your damage claim.


If you receive a defective product, please contact us within 72 hours, and we will process your return or replacement free of shipping charge. Do not install the defective item. Contact usHEREto process your return.

In the event of a defect that occurs outside our return policy, but within the manufacturer warranty, please contact the manufacturer directly to process your return. The manufacturer will have sole determination of the outcome of the claim. As a courtesy to our customers, DragRacingWheels.com will be happy to try to facilitate a thorough review of the claim, but we have no final say in the decision made by the manufacturer (i.e. approvals, denials, fees, etc.).

DragRacingWheels.com is not responsible for any labor costs which occur as the result of the installation of wrong or defective parts. This includes any appointment scheduled for dyno/tuning of the vehicle.


Once the return is received, please allow 5-7 business days for the refund to be issued. All items included in the return are fully inspected by our Returns Department prior to issuing a refund.All refunds will be issued to the original payment method. Allow 3-5 business days for the refund to settle back to the original payment method. The original shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. Processing time will vary, depending on your financial institution.


We strongly suggest you call us at1-833-287-6088as soon as possible after placing your order if you need to change or cancel it, as orders are processed within minutes! If you email us, we may not receive them in time to stop the order from shipping out. Please double-check that your order details are correct before submitting your order during checkout. Products that are marked as Built to Order, Custom Order, and/or Special Order, cannot be canceled once processed.

An order that has already received tracking information and/or shipped cannot be canceled. If an order has been assigned a tracking number but the tracking information has not updated, this does not mean the order has not shipped. Please contact usHEREto set up a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) once your order has been received.

Mishimoto 5X114.3 15MM Wheel Spacers - Black (2024)


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