Make Van Eycks Jam Harder Core (2024)

1. Make van Eyck's jam harder core - Disco Elysium Wiki - Fandom

  • Make van Eyck's jam harder core is a task in Disco Elysium. You can feel it—this music could hit so much harder. It just needs a few tweaks.

  • Make van Eyck's jam harder core is a task in Disco Elysium. You can feel it—this music could hit so much harder. It just needs a few tweaks... Walk back to the canal and see if you can find any tapes that could work as a melody, then bring them back to Egg Head for remixing. A Bundle of Magnetic Tape can be found tangled in a tree southeast of Siileng. Getting it down requires passing a white interfacing (Challenging 12) check, which can be made easier by equipping the Kvalsund KR+2 Multi-Tool (

Make van Eyck's jam harder core - Disco Elysium Wiki - Fandom

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5. Walkthrough Part 50 - Van Eyck's Jam, Harder Core for Disco Elysium

Walkthrough Part 50 - Van Eyck's Jam, Harder Core for Disco Elysium

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Make Van Eycks Jam Harder Core (2024)


Which tape to give egg head? ›

Head inside Roy's Nest and ask him about fixing the tape to make this task go faster. Convince him it's important and 15 minutes later, you'll acquire the (fixed) Reel of Magnetic Tape . Bring the tape to Egg Head back in the church and most everyone will think there's something suspicious about it.

How do you make jam harder? ›

Add pectin.

Whisk a tablespoon of powdered pectin (preferably the no-sugar-needed variety) into the pot of cooking jam. Test for thickness and add another tablespoon if needed.

How do you repair tape Disco Elysium? ›

It can be repaired at the Pawnshop by Bird's Nest Roy, after which it becomes A Reel of Magnetic Tape and can be given to Egg Head as part of Make van Eyck's jam harder core.

Where is the tape in the tree in Disco Elysium? ›

To find the right melody, you'll need to head over to the hawthorn tree behind Siileng the merchant (#4). When you examine the tree, you'll spot magnetic tape in its branches. If you pass a "challenging" Interfacing check, then you'll collect A Bundle of Magnetic Tape.

How do you make an eggy head? ›

Decorate the shells with pens or paint, then leave them to dry. Dip the cotton wool balls in a little water, squeezing off any excess. Place 1 ball inside each shell, then sprinkle 1 tsp cress seeds onto each one. Sit the filled shells in eggcups and leave in a dry, well-lit place for a week – a windowsill is perfect.

How do you solve the egghead puzzle? ›

Start talking to Egghead and choose these dialogue options to understand him.
  1. "Say nothing."
  2. "Still say nothing."
  3. "Say nothing."
  4. "Still say nothing."
  5. "Say nothing."
  6. "No, but seriously... I'm a little worried it isn't."
  7. Choose any dialogue choice.
Feb 15, 2023

Does sugar thicken jam? ›

Since pectin is activated by sugar, it requires using a considerable amount of sugar to activate the pectin and set (i.e. thicken) your jam. If you try to cut back on the sugar, it won't set properly.

What makes jam too thick? ›

So if you use pieces of fruit or whole berries, you are actually using less fruit than if it were mashed, or cooked to a mash and then measured, and you will get a firmer jell. Or you may have used more pectin than the recipe called for. For example, if you used Tablespoons of pectin rather than teaspoons.

What is the secret to making jam? ›

Use fresh, dry, slightly under-ripe fruit. Strawberries and raspberries are best layered with the sugar and left for a couple of hours before cooking. Plums, currants, gooseberries, cherries etc need to be lightly poached before sugar is added. Pectin, naturally found in fruit is vital to make your jam set.

Is it possible to fail Disco Elysium? ›

There are two checks in Disco Elysium that are hard-coded to fail. One can be found along the coast on the other side of the river. It's a door that Kim thinks leads to a wartime supply depot.

How do you use fix it tape? ›

Applications. Peal away 5-10 cm of the liner, press band end firmly on surface and wrap under strong tension. Depending on intended use, apply annular overlaying (e,g. Pipe repair) or with 2/3 overlap (pressureless, e.g. insulation, protective wrap).

How do I get back to Evrart? ›

The harbor starts off locked, but there are three ways to get inside to speak to him.
  1. Convince Measurehead to let you in.
  2. Jump from the shortcut above Cuno's shack.
  3. Steal a dockworker's ID to unlock the door.
Oct 15, 2019

How many days are there in Disco Elysium? ›

In total, Disco Elysium has ten playable days, with each day offering new things to do, new areas to explore, more characters to interact with, and much more. You don't need all ten days though, since the main quest can be completed by Day 5 in some cases.

Is the pipe or ladder in Disco Elysium? ›

The player can either climb the ladder next to the mural to get into the building via the roof, or you can use the pipe below the boardwalk. To use the ladder you will need to pass a Savoir Faire check and you will also need to let Kim in once you make your way inside.

How to get 300 real Disco Elysium? ›

On Day 3+, once the waterlock has been fixed and Harry has access to the Fishing Village, he may purchase the Blue Medicinal Spirit from the drunk, Rosemary. If the Horrific Necktie is equipped, it will mention the Spirit, which Rosemary says he is selling for ✤ 300.

How do you peel an egg with tape? ›

Try this trick – wrap a hard boiled egg in tape; the type of tape doesn't matter, you can use sticky tape, packing tape, masking tape, electrical tape, as long as it will adhere to the shell. Use your hand to gently roll the egg on a firm surface to break the shell.

What material is used for tape heads? ›

Ferrite was widely used as core material for magnetic heads of tape recorders and VTRs.

How do you help egg head Disco Elysium? ›

To solve the puzzle, you'll need to talk to Egg Head twice. During your first conversation, you should say nothing five times, and then say, "No, but seriously... I'm a little worried it isn't." After that, you can say whatever you want.

How does a magnetic tape head work? ›

The head consists of a toroidal core with a small air gap. A coil of wire is wound around the core, which is made of a magnetically permeable metal. Much like a transformer, the record head converts an electrical signal into a changing magnetic field.


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