Hone your Rainbow Six Siege skills with these player stat resources (2024)

Hone your Rainbow Six Siege skills with these player stat resources (1)

Sometimes a detailed breakdown of our performances in competitive games can reveal important things about our playstyle that we might not have noticed. In the case of stats in Rainbow Six Siege, there are so many variables to a match that it’s important to know which operators you truly excel at and where your strategy could use some work. There are a few helpful options for Siege stats, so let’s break down what they are and how they differ.

How do these sites work?

There are four main resources for statistics in Siege: one built by Ubisoft themselves, and three built by third parties. The official one is simply called Rainbow Six Siege Stats. It’s accessed pretty easily from the Siege website, but you’ll have to log in through Uplay first.

R6Tab and R6Stats are third-party sites put together by dedicated fans. No login information is needed—you simply search for any player's record using their in-game name. There is one other resource, Rainbow Six Siege Tracker. This site is a part of the Tracker Network, which has dedicated sites for most of the popular competitive games right now. Each site also works for any player across PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Hone your Rainbow Six Siege skills with these player stat resources (2)

What Siege stats website is best?


At the rate that the site is growing, R6Tab feels poised to become everyone’s go-to stat resource for Siege. R6Tab is a brand-new site that takes up the mantle of Siege’s previously best resource for stats, R6DB. After its closure in August, R6Tab founder Nader Halim wanted to fill the void and expand on R6DB’s limited feature set. In the weeks since the site’s launch, over 750,000 players have been added to the site’s database. The big feature here that R6Tab currently does best is its leaderboards. This is useful for yourself, but also when looking up other players to see just how hopeless your efforts were to beat them. Among the top tier of players, the leaderboards are fun for bragging rights, but it only shows players who have used the site, so it’s not a perfect representation.

Right now, a stats page for R6Tab is still in development, but Halim plans to replicate all of R6DB’s features with even loftier goals for the future of the site. “We're planning on making this a community site where players will soon be able to open accounts, follow other players, track their daily stats, discuss various topics, and rate and report players.”

Halim has been hard at work cranking out new features for the site on a near-weekly basis. A recently added button allows player to pull of a list of other players with a similar ranking. Just added this week is a tool that lets players upload a screenshot of their in-game scoreboard and automatically search and find the stats for each player. The site has a Discord bot that can be installed on any server to look up a player’s profile with a simple chat command. Halim is also working on an official mobile app for iOS and Android. The dedication to the project and diligent development cycle has made R6Tab feel like the natural home for stats in Siege in a short amount of time.

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Hone your Rainbow Six Siege skills with these player stat resources (3)


By pure coincidence, R6Stats is also in the middle of a rebirth. The site has been around since the early days of Siege, but its developers stopped updating it around the time of Operation Velvet Shell in 2017. After radio silence for over a year, R6Stats V2 surprise launched last month, and it’s looking pretty great. Feature-wise, R6Stats has a similar offering as R6Tab. It does already allow favoriting players, has graphs mapping out your K/D, and has an app released for iOS and Android, all features that R6Tab has promised in the future. The app is a great resource for stats on the go, but the performance is sluggish and the ads are somewhat intrusive, so buy the pro version if that’s a dealbreaker.

The most interesting thing going for R6Stats is the seasonal stats section, which lays out detailed overviews of your performance in the current and past season with more detail than the other sites. Comparing your win/loss ratios and max MMR ranks for each season is a fun way to see how your skill has evolved over time. The team behind R6Stats has committed to new additions and updates to the site this time around, so let's hope that sticks.

Hone your Rainbow Six Siege skills with these player stat resources (4)

Ubisoft’s official tool

Ubisoft’s official stats tool isn’t as fancy as its competition, but it’s perfectly acceptable. It’s simple, functional, and easy to use, but the tool clearly doesn’t see much maintenance and hasn’t added any new tools over time. It does offer one neat stat breakdown not found anywhere else: you can see detailed stats for each type of weapon to see which ones you excel at. Apparently I should stay away from shotguns.

You can also see how many times you’ve used your gadget with each operator, which breaks down differently for each op. For instance, it tracks how many Rook plates you’ve provided to teammates or how many tracking assists you’ve received while scanning footprints as Jackal.

Tracker Network

Tracker Network’s Rainbow Six Siege Tracker provides a lot of the same functionality as what we’ve already listed here, but with a presentation that isn’t quite as elegant. Even in its new relaunched state following Operation Grim Sky’s release, I spotted several inconsistencies in the info. It’ll get the job done, sure, but it’s the tools dedicated to Siege that will likely add new and better features going forward.

What statistics are tracked?

Each site handles its stats a little differently, but some things are consistent. The most basic stats that you’ll find are you win/loss ratios, kill/death ratios, and how those stats break down across all the game’s operators. The official Rainbow Six Stats showcases your most played operators in an especially flashy way, seen below.

Other important pieces of info can be found on all four sites, like headshot counts, accuracy ratings, melee kills, etc. But there’s also a lot of small things different about them that could make one more useful than another for you. For example, R6Tab and R6Stats have leaderboard features that allows you to rank yourself and players encountered against the best in the world.

Hone your Rainbow Six Siege skills with these player stat resources (5)


For a long time, Siege’s stat offerings felt really sparse. It would be nice for Ubisoft to throw more effort behind its own stat tracking resources, but dedicated fans are doing great work regardless. R6Tab is still a new site, but it has already proven to be a powerful tool. The R6Stats relaunch has the site in a great place and has its own neat features, but it’s hard to say how dedicated development will be moving forward. For now, you’re bestoff using a combination of R6Tab, R6Stats, and the official Ubisoft tool for the best representations of your skill.

Hone your Rainbow Six Siege skills with these player stat resources (6)

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Hone your Rainbow Six Siege skills with these player stat resources (2024)


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