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Rainbow Six Siege Tier List: Best Operators 2024

Operators make up an essential part of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege due to each one that you play being completely unique from each other. But which R6 operators are the best ones to pick?

Each R6 operator has their special abilities and stats that differ from each other. However, the meta for who is best changes all the time, making it difficult to determine who is concretely the best operators R6. Not only that, but your own opinions may make you prefer other operators compared to others despite the current meta.

There are two sides that you can play on in Rainbow Six Siege. These are the Attacker and Defender sides. Each side has its own different sets of what they can do, their focuses, and operators. This means that one operator cannot be on both sides of the game, so don’t get too used to just one operator at all times.

Some Rainbow Six Siege operators are seen as having little to no abilities or gadgets to use, making them essentially almost useless to play as compared to more plentiful operators. There are even some abilities that can be considered weaker, so it all comes down to which abilities these R6 operators have and also their weapons. Before we officially get to know the best operators R6, we want to share a great way to quickly improve in the game: U7BUY has cheap and discounted accounts for all kinds of online games for you to find. Get your Rainbow Six Siege accounts for sale now!

Best Attackers R6 2024


First, we will go over the R6 Attackers side and their best. One of the popular and highly rated operators in Rainbow Six Siege we can go over is Nomad. She is known for using her Airjab grenades. These grenades can be stuck to walls whenever shot by Nomad’s main weapon. Whenever an enemy player is in close proximity, the grenade will explode and do damage.

The main reason why Nomad is considered a very good operator is thanks to her grenades and how they prevent enemy players from snooping around. It can also counter sneak attacks of any kind with Nomad being able to block entry points or places that she has been with her grenades, protecting both her and the team.

Nomad also carries two guns to help her in combat. One of these must be picked when playing as her. These are the AK-74M or the ARX200. These guns are both powerful assault rifles that can do a great amount of damage to you. They can be both semi or fully automatic and do well to complement Nomad’s playstyle.


The next R6 Attacker that is great in this game is Zero. Zero is an operator all about finding and giving information to their team to help win the match. This is done through Zero’s ARGUS cameras which can be placed wherever he likes. However, the camera can also be a mighty weapon that can destroy plenty of things.

The ARGUS cameras can not only give insight into what is going on around the map for the Attackers to know, but the cameras can attack as well. The cameras have lasers on them that can aim at Defender gadgets, defenses, and even the Defender operators themselves. While the lasers probably can’t do enough to kill a Defender, the extra damage is still worth it.

The ARGUS cameras also have another unique feature about them, it is the fact that they can bury themselves through walls! Instead of having to place one camera on both sides of a wall to view each side, one camera will be borrowed into the middle of the wall to view each side instead. This saves on the number of cameras that need to be used.

Other than Zero’s main ability to use his ARGUS cameras, he also carries powerful guns to protect himself. One of these is the impressive GONNE-6. This is a hand cannon gun that can be used to fire explosive rounds. These can be used to destroy gadgets by the enemy team and do some minor damage to them.


Ace is an amazing Attacker in Rainbow Six Siege thanks to a combination of both his SELMA breaching device and amazing gun. Both create a wonderful synergy that can make Ace a beast to fight against in any match with enough practice. This is especially true when knowing where to place his SELMA device.

The SELMA is a device that allows Ace to throw it to attach to any type of wall including barriers. The device will then break the wall over a small period to allow Ace to have a clear view through it. This can allow him to make a quick sneak attack by shooting any unknowing Defender that passes by.

Thatcher is another great operator to play as he also uses exceptionally powerful grenades. What makes Thatcher’s grenades so unique is that they are electric. When thrown, they will let out an electrical pulse at a wide range. This will destroy any Defender gadgets that are within its radius as well as do damage to Defender operators.

Thatcher’s main weapon is the L1A1 shotgun. It is powerful enough to do some good damage with its single shots. However, Thatcher can also use another shotgun called the M590A1 as well as two other assault rifles. This gives Thatcher a wide range of ways to fight along with his powerful grenades.

Best Defenders R6 2024

Now we move on to some of the best and most popular Defender operators to choose from. Once again, your choice of R6 operators will primarily depend on how you like to play most, but these best Defenders R6 are known for their powerful abilities that make them stand out from the rest in the player base.


Bandit is a great addition to the Defender side thanks to the powerful shock wires that he has in store. The wires will attack and affect any metallic gadget that is placed next to them. The reason why Bandit is strong as an operator is because of his wires being used as a way to counter against operators like Thatcher.

The way that Bandit can counter Thatcher is by being able to launch a shock wire any time you hear a hard breach gadget of any kind being deployed. This will make the shock wire interfere with Thatcher’s grenades and how effective they are at clearing the wire, making this a worthwhile strategy when playing against him.


Next is Mira, who is not only known as one of the best defenders R6 but even the best operator at all. This is all thanks to her infamous Black Mirrors. These are mirrors that when placed, cannot be viewed through at all unless shot through. However, not only can they be deployed on any wall, but even indestructible ones.

Mira and any other Defender on the team can shoot through the Black Mirrors. Doing so will break the glass and reveal the other side. This makes it easy for players to shoot through walls and barriers, making no Attacker feel safe behind a wall. The mirror can also only be shot through the same side that it was deployed, being bulletproof on the other.

The Black Mirror can also release some gas through a gas canister at the bottom of its frame. Doing this will immediately eject the glass and spread the gas everywhere to potentially block nearby Attacker views. This can also be a quick and easy way to create a surprise attack instead of just simply shooting the glass.


Aruni is next with a simple yet extremely effective power. She carries a Surya Laser Gate that can be placed on almost any doorway she comes across. This prevents any Attacker operator from going through and destroys all gadgets that try. Defenders are unharmed by the lasers as they will automatically turn off temporarily to let them through including Aruni herself.

The Surya gate is just about completely indestructible from many gadgets, but they can be destroyed with certain grenades and other projectiles. There are also small gaps in the lasers that can allow devices like drones to pass through if the Attacker controlling it is skilled enough. These are just a few counters to the gate, but they can still prove to be useful.

The main part about Aruni that makes her shine is her choice of weapons. The P10 RONI in particular is the main focus, as it is an incredibly powerful primary gun of hers. This submachine gun has an extremely fast rate of fire along with quick reload speeds and low recoil. The gun per bullet does low damage, but the fire rate makes up for this greatly, making it one of the best SMGs in the game. There are plenty of best operators R6 to learn about and practice with, but the best are known for their abilities that can change a match along with their powerful weapons. However, even with the best R6 operators, you must take the time to learn all about them in order to play at your best. Get your cheap R6 boosting today with U7BUY!

Best R6 Attackers and Defenders 2024 - U7BUY Blog (2024)


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